Saturday, March 20, 2021

Good Tired

Another great, sunny morning in the school garden included the following activities:

Turning cover crop and readying more rows for planting
More winter sowing in gallon milk jugs
Another layer or two of compost 
Emptying, sweeping, and reorganizing the shed
Cutting a mega roll of yoga mat into “sit-upons” for outdoor student use

We are off to a great start this Spring, with so many volunteers. Almost too many eager hands to keep busy, which is a good challenge to have.

After returning home to continue working through my own outdoor list, I’m tired. Good tired. Fresh air and sunlight tired. End of a long, busy week tired. I’m looking forward to my day of rest (and laundry), tomorrow.


  1. Dear Enid,

    This sounds so warm and lovely. I feel like I can imagine the garden of which you speak and almost soak in the sunshine that undoubtedly shines your way. I can certainly relate to the end of the day exhaustion - but I'm glad yours ended with such elation. May you have many more days of sunshine, inside and out.

    ~Carla Michelle

  2. I saw the pictures of all you guys got done! You've more than earned that day of rest.

  3. This is the best kind of tired. I love the descriptions of this satisfying, life-sustaining work. I can't wait to start eating lunch out there!


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