Sunday, March 28, 2021

Breathe Out

It's 7:00pm and I'm ready for bed. I almost fell asleep on the sofa, Sunday laundry still not folded. (Doesn't matter. It's Spring Break!)

At 7:20pm I'm in my pajamas, in case I fall asleep on the sofa, Sunday laundry still in baskets. (Doesn't matter. It's Spring Break!)

Grandma Kathie has arrived. She and Will are halfway through their Madagascar marathon, a longstanding tradition. Between them they can voice all of the characters. The rest of us are reading, writing, or listening to music in other parts of the house. We're giving them their special time together. Their ritual celebration of togetherness.

Tomorrow we head out to see Grandma K's old DC haunts, and to show her what's new since her last visit. The Wharf, for one. The caged-in Capitol, if she's interested. (I'm really not.) Maybe we'll go see the cherry blossoms in front of Nationals Park and try the trail along the Anacostia. 

Tomorrow is full of possibility. But this evening I think I will go fall asleep on the sofa, in my pajamas. Or maybe fold the laundry.


  1. My Spring Break is coming to an end, but it sounds like yours is full of potential! I hope you enjoy this time -- though it sounds like you already have started by taking is slow and letting the plans unfold as they will. I'd check out the cherry blossoms myself, I've never seen them, and pictures always make them seem so pretty.

  2. I’m having trouble believing that spring break id finally here. It’s been a long year.

  3. I have to agree with the comment above. It's finally here!

  4. What a special time for Grandma and Will. Enjoy your time on the town!


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