Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Technology Truce

Today I participated in three varieties of virtual engagement: WebEx, Zoom and MS Teams. This is something I never would have even considered trying a month ago. Technology, for me, is a means to an end. Furthermore, as previously noted on March 2, 2020, technology is not my friend. Rather, we coexist uneasily. And yet, I just asked my daughter’s help in linking back to my earlier post about technology. Hmmm... I did?!

In our school district we did not wait for our central office staff to train us properly. We did not call the first week Unused Snow Days and the second week Spring Break. We did not wait for our union to work out particulars about equitable access with VDOE. (There is no union.) Instead, we took what we had in place, and we all dove in to the morass of online learning. That learning goes both ways, make no mistake. Teachers are Zooming to share technology hacks and ask questions about how to better connect with their students through different platforms, using different apps.. Are we reaching all students? Not yet.

In this brave new world of online teaching and learning we are suddenly leaders, and our administrators and school board are proud of what we are doing. Do I have it all figured out? Not at all. Am I learning as I go? Yes I am. Do I now depend on the support of my colleagues and the wonder of technology every single day of my workweek no matter what I am doing? Why yes. Yes I do. To my daughter: thanks for the assist. Ever onward!


  1. Well done, you!! Keep at it because students need you to! Your mental strength and positivity are just what I needed to hear!

  2. Your truce is another silver lining to these trying times. I second the "ever onward"!

  3. Yes, this learning does go both ways. I beleive we will all come out of this stronger teachers, stronger people. Ever onward, indeed!

  4. I'm with you, Enid -I learn something new every day in the name of connecting with each other and with our students. You know, the mother of invention and all that.


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