Monday, March 22, 2021

Vaccine Envy

We are at that point in the vaccination rollout where friends, cousins, and other relatives are beginning to get their first vaccines. As a teacher, of course, I’ve had both of mine for about six weeks now. But if I weren’t a teacher I can only imagine that I’d be feeling some anxiety each time I hear of a new conquest.

A friend who is self-employed just posted, “ I have some severe vaccine envy going on right now. What’s a girl gotta do to get her shot? I feel left out.”

In theory we all benefit from every shot in every arm. In practice, however, folks my age (in their 50’s) have just about reached their outer rung of patience. A couple I know snagged their first appointments at a CVS in South Carolina three weekends ago. My spouse is heading to a CVS in Danville, VA in two days for his first vaccine. 

“I’ve never been to Appomattox Courthouse,” he pointed out. “And I will see if Margaret and Greg are available for dinner on my way back through Charlottesville.” The truth is, he needs a day away from work and this house, and he’s looking forward to an adventure.

Here’s hoping that on April 21st, when he’s scheduled to head down to Danville again, he’ll be only too happy for a second driver. Perhaps we’ll celebrate, on the way home, with a visit to Michie Tavern and the grounds of Monticello all abloom. Or maybe a stop-off at the Plow & Hearth garden store in Madison, VA. (Not that I’m feeling any vaccine envy.)


  1. Who knew, not so long ago, that you'd be planning a whole celebratory road trip around a vaccine!

  2. It does boggle the mind, doesn't it? :-) ~JudyK

  3. It definitely is a thing. I feel so relieved that after Easter my immediate family will be vaccinated, but it was so frustrating trying to get an appointment for my husband, and I was envious every time I heard someone got an appointment.


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