Saturday, March 21, 2020

Sharing Refuge

Today I took refuge in the school garden for almost seven hours. I got into my zone, went at my own pace, and accomplished a few things. It felt good. It also got me out of the house and gave my family a break from me, and me from them. We love each other, we even like each other, but a little extra space never hurts.

While I was winding down my work, a mother showed up with her two youngsters. I'm guessing that the boy was seven and the girl was five. Their excitement about trimming the broccolini strands and munching them by the fistful was surpassed only by their enthusiasm for digging up several long, thin radishes which they planned to enjoy crunching later with butter and salt. Dandelion leaves rounded out the mom's bike basket cargo salad. But before they pedaled away they insisted on doing a little weeding in the strawberry bed, and they were beyond delighted when I suggested putting some sunflower seeds into the ground over near the asparagus patch.

As tough as it is for most of us to be at home day after day, I realize that many parents of young children have an extra challenge before them. I was struck by how expertly this mother fed her kids' wonder, gave them time to explore, and gently taught them to run up and down the rows instead of across them. As we said our goodbyes, I assured Mom that they are always welcome to stop by and share my garden refuge.


  1. Enid, your warmth and good nature shine through in your empathy for the mom.

  2. I cannot imagine doing this with small kids. I am sure that momma appreciated so much what you did. Curious - Butter with radishes?


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