Friday, March 20, 2020

Eleventh Hour Delivery

This afternoon I volunteered to help with food distribution at the Randolph ES Open Pantry, outdoor edition. Folding tables stretched across the portico of the school front so that those driving by would know the pantry was open, even if the school was closed. This longstanding tradition in one of Arlington's poorest schools continues to help families in these dire times.

Offerings included:
  • fresh citrus donated by the canceled NW Arlington Lyons Club annual fundraiser
  • boxes of cereal, pasta, and mac'n cheese
  • bags of rice or dried lentils
  • cans of beans, every variety
  • jars of tomato sauce
  • six packs of applesauce and other fruit cups
  • cheese sticks donated by the canceled Girls on the Run event
  • yogurts
  • individual cereal bars, 
and more besides.

Around 5:30pm, just as table supplies had mostly dwindled, who should appear but a family with two toddler boys, one pushing and the other pulling a little red wagon overflowing with more food to donate. Delighted recipients waited patiently as these excited little guys unloaded their wares and put each bag or box on the table where it belonged. My heart felt full. Hours later, it still does.


  1. What a beautiful scene and you capture it with such detail. My favorite, is the way you describe the two boys and the red wagon. I can almost hear the joy they brought to the scene.

  2. The image of the two boys in the red wagon make my heart so happy. Thank you for sharing!

  3. This seems like a perfect example of a surprise ending for storytelling. Happy to hear that it was a reality. Xo

  4. What hope-filled story. Kudos to that family for teaching their young children the power of giving. I think we will continue to see more an more of these as we move through these next weeks.


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