Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Finding a Rhythm

This will be my first five day week at school in over a year. I went in on Monday to help with WIDA ACCESS testing. Though last week was a total grind, due to the time change, this week feels oddly manageable.

Each day now the sun is rising a few minutes earlier. By the time we go back to school after Spring Break I will finally be waking up in daylight again.

Daylight. Warmth. TA and lunches back outside. Several laps around TJ Park, if I drive to school. Basking in the sunshine by the garden, if I walk or bike on a given day. I’m gradually getting back into something close to a rhythm, and it feels okay. 

But two more days until Spring Break feels pretty good, too.


  1. Yes, that break will be nice, indeed, and so will lunches in the sun again.

  2. This is a good reminder to soak up the daylight while we can. Thanks for that!


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